all of a sudden it went dead

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all of a sudden it went dead

my oil light bleenking was blenking on and off and i put some oil in the car later on today it came back on and put some more oil in to the car as i was driving it went dead it has gas and then in the process i put some more gas and it still would not crank but it will turn over and i can smell some gas from under the hood people what should i do to found out what going on 2001 isuzu rodeo
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Do you want us to do your sentence structure for you? Periods and capital letters (sentences) really help us.

Did you check the oil level, or just throw oil in there? Cranking the car without the benefit of it starting will cause the gas smell, so it may be flooded which is normal. Does your "CEL" check engine light come on? It would probably be a good idea to have someone check the codes with a reader to indicate what the possible problem is. Most computer driven cars today have a lot of things that can go wrong, and many of them are electronic.
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How much oil does your engine use? How much and how often do you add oil? If the oil light comes on it means you should have added oil earlier. You do not want to run the engine at all when the oil light comes on! How many miles on your car?
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I'm going to incorporate your PM in this thread, as I feel all the others will be contributing more than I can by myself.

"I did not check the oil level when the light came on. When it did light up I did put some in and later on that night it came back on. I put some more in and it stopped running.The check engine light is not on. The codes i am able to pull up are-P0420-P0401-P0430. I have been able to drive it like that for a very long time without a problem. Early this morning I am still having the same problem. It will turn over but won't start." (with editing)

You also mentioned about the flooding. Allowing it to sit there for a spell will allow the extra gas to evaporate. There's not much you can do on a modern engine to help that.

It will really be best for you to check the oil with the dipstick and let us know how far up the stick it is reading. Once the oil light comes on, it indicates the engine is toast. You should never let it get that far down. It could take as much as 4 quarts of oil to bring it back up above the fill line on the stick once the light comes on.

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The P-0401 code is EGR related.
Since that code came up along with the smell of gas you may have a defective fuel regulator...... dumping too much fuel into engine.

0420 & 0430 deal with catalytic convertor and oxy sensor after the cat. These codes could all be related to the excessive fuel problem.
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here's my guess from what i have gotten out of this. oil coming on/ bad oil sending unit or bad oil pump. died while driving/ over full on oil(never checked it just added) and it forced oil into the cylinders fowling out the spark plugs(if this i bet it smoked bad and missed) or lost compression due to lack of oil pressure(oil pump). fuel smell crank on a car with out combustion long enough you will flood the engine with gas adding to problem.

check the oil. if over full drain to correct level/ get you a oil pressure sensor or check actual oil pressure.

those code will only cause bad emissions/lower mpgs, but in no way stall or prevent one from starting.

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