1984 ford f250


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1984 ford f250

Carburetor issues, the car will run when you dump fuel straight into the carburetor but won't start or run any other time. Any idea what the issue or fix could be?

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Sounds like the "carburetor" isn't getting fuel. Remove the fuel line and crank. No fuel coming out? Probably the fuel pump.
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Welcome to the forums.

I looked online and they show an electric pump or an old style mechanical pump could be used in your vehicle.

Do you have an electric fuel pump in that vehicle ?
If you do.......with everything quiet.....turn the key on and listen for it.
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I haven't tried the other stuff yet but somebody told me this "Clogged jet, needle set too lean, idle set too low, could be a lotta things. Start by turning up the idle screw and work from there. Most likely it needs a solvent bath and a professional tune." Does any of that seem worth trying?
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Don't screw with the carb settings. Try the things mentioned 1st. It's quite simple.
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Have you checked/replaced the fuel filter?
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You might check the owner's manual to see if this is applicable or not, but certain mid-late 80's Fords, at least some of the F250's I know, had a switch that would shut off the fuel pump in the event of a rear end collision. Hmmm, had never given it much thought, but probably a post-Pinto thing, so maybe all Fords? Anyway, again, intended for rear end collisions, but I remember hearing of several instances where they shut off from rather insignificant events, such as hitching a trailer or someone jumping on the back bumper. It seems to me that the reset may be above above the passenger side kick panel, sort of behind the glove compartment.
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Correct, many Fords & Mercurys do. On the F-series pickups the reset button is usually behind the passenger side kick panel. Feel for a notch on the upper edge, if there's one there reach finger over back of panel and you'll feel the button. This is only for in-tank electric pumps, of course.
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The process of elimination must be applied here so that your issue can be resolved.

Let's start with something very easy, basic and fundamental.

Using a "Fuel Pressure Gauge" post the fuel pressure (PSI) that is reaching the carburetor.

Thank You

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