2000 Toyota Tundra 4.7 L v8 4wheel


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2000 Toyota Tundra 4.7 L v8 4wheel

Bought it used about 4 years back is a salvaged vehicle and I"m having a problem with my brakes.The truck had been in a wreck front end side was damaged.
Had been running good for a long time but, about the last eight months when i step on the brakes there is a vibration on the steering wheel sometimes the vibration is more is more pronounced .I,have replaced discs ,pads and calipers but the problem is still there.I would appreciate all the help i could get cause it is driving me bananas!Thanks to all that contribute in solving the problems of us rookies

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Prob not related....but what are the tires like? Does rotating them make a diff? New tires completely eliminated a wobble/steering vibration I had on my vehicle.

Just drove it up to 90 on Sun and had to brake for an exit ramp....vibration was almost non-existent.

Other than that...You might need to get the hub/disc checked with a dial indicator for run-out?
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Does speed impact the vibration?

In other words at what speed is the vibration at its worst (and or) at its best?

Does turning impact the vibration?

In other words is the vibration lessened or gone when turning?

As it stands now (from the list below) what’s been RULED OUT?

Wheel alignment issues?
Deformed tire (or tires) issues?
Wheel balancing issues?
Wheel bearing issues?
Transfer case issues?
U-Joint issues?
Tie-Rod end issues?
Ball-Joint issues?

Thank You

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