2008 Ford Lincoln F150

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2008 Ford Lincoln F150

I had an oil change last Friday. Within about 20 minutes after my truck starting chugging when I slowed down or came to a stop. I took it in to a Ford dealer today and did another oil change to see if this fixed it.
Coming home it started again.

The mechanics seem confused as to what caused this and I hoping it not an expensive fix.

Any idea??

Thanks Anita
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Highly unlikely the oil change had any affect. There is a long list of items that could cause your symptoms. It's possible something was disturbed under the hood during the first oil change, a sensor, wiring, connector, etc.

Once he starts chugging and comes to a stop, what happens afterwards when you try to restart and drive? One item that comes to mind is a catalytic converter going/gone bad, but it's pretty young for that.

How many miles on the truck?
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new battery? or was it unhooked?, or drained down? theses use a "drive by wire" system that uses a motor to control the throttle plates. as it gets dirty in there the computer adjusts it to keep normal idle. if for some reason the the computer losses power it forgets that adjustment then it will not idle properly at times.
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I agree with icemman681. Also could be a vacuum leak or an ambient air issue or even a misfire. Then there is also the possibility that this is a coincidence. In other words it has nothing to do with the oil change, and now you have a new issue. A scan needs to be done for error codes. Such scans are free at Auto Zone. Have a scan done and write down the codes so you don't forget them, then post them here so they can be seen.

Thank You

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