What is the best battery for RV that will last the longest w/o charging?

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What is the best battery for RV that will last the longest w/o charging?

I am trying to find out which would be the best battery for my RV. The one that will give the most power or hold charge the longest before having to start the RV to charge the battery. I really don't know anything at all about this subject so I am turning to you guys. Anything you can tell me is more than I know now. Would like to be able to power things like the tv and such for as long as possible before charging. Thanks
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If you want REAL service..............

Then you want two 6 volt golf cart batteries in series.

If you have two 12 volt batteries in parallel..... it's time to send them packing. 12 volt batteries in parellel don't play well together.

I would go with two Trojan T-105 6volt 225amp batteries. They run about 125.00 each.
Interstate would run a close second.

This is very important.... You need a GOOD charger. You need a multi level charger or charger/ inverter combination. For maximum life batteries MUST be charged and maintained properly.
Also....batteries don't like to be run until they're dead. It shortens their lifetime.
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Many individuals will tell you to use "Interstate Megatron" series batteries.

Using them is fine and they are great batteries.

Thing is if you want better than "Interstate Megatron" visit the link below.

Deep Cycle SLI Batteries :: OPTIMAŽ Batteries

Thank You
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PJ is right on IMO. best would be 4 - 6 volts.

Trojan brand size T-105 is the industry standard as PJ mentioned, but they make better amp hour rating but its what your wallet dictates. Yhr t 105 weight 62 pounds

$500 for 4 of the t 105's.

They make a 435 amp hour model L 16 h. Its 125 pounds and $350 each....

With this bigger batteries from my calculation you can run a 300 watt load 31 hours before having to recharge.

The t 105 would be 15 hours at a 300 watt load.

The above calc is with 4 batteries.

Charger is next. You need a 3 or 4 stage charger @ 50 amps or so. The charger that came with the RV is most likely garbage... But thats a whole other discussion.

What batterie do you have now? What inverter/ charger do you have? What are the watts of what you what to run?
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Your choice of battery will depend on how much space you have in the battery compartment.
The common sizes of 12 volt deep cycle batteries are 24, 27 and 31 series.
Most battery compartments will be able to fit a 31 series and would likely be the biggest battery you could fit.

One thing that might be more efficient than using a battery for watching TV is a small high quality generator.
There are units that you can barely hear running.

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