1985 chevy s10 possible starter problems


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1985 chevy s10 possible starter problems

i have a 1985 chevy s10 Ext cab 4x4 2.8L v6. manual transmission.
The other day i was at leaving work truck started just fine, drove it home shut it off. went to started up it started but rolled a little slower than it should. I shut the truck back off, then went to start it back up it turned over once did not start. then i heard a clicking noise then nothing. No noise from the starter even tring to engauge. Lights and everthing were still on. There is no loose or coroded connections from the battery.

I was tring to work on it earlier today thinking it was the starter and was tring to remove it But i cant even do that, thereis no room for it to come down and out or up and out. As frusterated as i was i decided to put it all back together.

I decided to push the truck around and pop the clutch to get it to start. It tooked a few times but it finally starts.

Now i know this is going to sound bad but while it was running i turn the ignition forward to hit the starter and it worked, then shut it off and tried to start it again and there was nothing. ????????

I dont know whats wrong i dont get it. Can anyone tell me what they think?
I had the alternator tested about 2 mouths ago at autozone and it past along with my battery.
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You may have to break down and buy a manual to find out the best method of removing the starter, as that seems to be the problem, since all the lights, etc. work. Have you load tested the battery? The starter is the largest drain, so a weak battery won't support it, but may allow other items to run for a short period of time.
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Ok I did have the battery tested 2 or three months ago but that could of changed since my last post on herenabout my carb issue drain my battery a few times to many. I will try and get it tested today. I have also been doing some reading up on this and there were things said about electronic ignition switch, netural switch (clutch switch) and i think the tumbler. I dont know if that would help narrow it down.
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have battery load tested......autozone/advance auto parts will do for free.check your battery terminals for corrosion.remove and clean.make sure they are tight.
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Autozone has a repair guide on starter replacement. Apparently you need to remove the crossmember.
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Its not going to be a neutral safety switch or clutch switch because, you said earlier that initially it would click & sometimes even roll over one time etc. If the neutral or clutch switch was bad, it would prevent any fire from getting to the starter so, you would not even have clicking or roll over etc at all.

Based on your input here, I suspect the starter is your problem. Personally, I would start there by replacing the starter.
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I did get the battery tested 12.55 volts 85% charged they said it was a bad battery. I did end up getting the starter out (big pain in butt) Thanks gunguy45. i had auto zone test it at first it worked and passes but was slow turning then he ran 3 more tests and all 3 failed. I have the new starter in and the truck starts up better than before.

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