need to pour gas in carb to start engine cold

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need to pour gas in carb to start engine cold

Hey everyone, I have an 85 gmc truck k1500 v8 4x4 305 with a cold start up problem but nothing else. (more info: I removed the choke)

So basically to get it started I have to pour some gas into the carb and hold down the gas pedal with a very light touch in order to start the truck in the mornings.
If the truck is started it doesn't have much of a problem re-starting.

I soaked the carb in carb cleaner, put new gaskets, new needle and float, and basically took everything apart to further clean or replace what ever came in carb kit.

When I pump the gas I DO NOT see gas pour into the carb BUT if I disconnect the fuel line there is gas that comes out.

I already bought a new accelerator pump (in the mail now) and have been trying to decide if I should buy a new starter and or fuel pump.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, I had to change the whole distributor but after about 2 hours of very sensitive tweeking, was able to find the sweet spot to for the car to start and stay alive (I dont have a timing light). Could not having the 100% correct timing also be an issue?

Thanks in advance!
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Yes, timing could be an issue. Hold off on other parts replacement until you fix the accelerator pump. The pump parts didn't come in the carb kit?

Best bet, install a manual choke cable. Starting a carbureted engine without a choke is a study in futility.
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Diagnosis is a cool thing. You stated there was fuel at the carb. you didn't say if the fuel was in the carb. The float valve could be an issue. There is a channel the fuel travels down from the accelerator pump well to the discharge tubes that can be restricted. You have rebuilt the carb and an important circuit has failed so you have to take the top off and find out why. Do not turn the carb over or anything like that before the top is off but check to see what the actual fuel level is. You don't need a manual choke if the carb has a choke, just repair the one that's on the carb to start with. i ran a dyno for 11 years and trust me they can be fixed, if your unconfident just buy a straight Eddlebrock replacement and drive the truck. Ignition timing isn't likely the issue.

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