1998 Chevy S10 2.2L heater problems


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1998 Chevy S10 2.2L heater problems

Just bought this truck, not sure how long it sat, but I do not get any hot air from the heater. Just replaced the radiator and water pump. Would anyone out there have an idea where I should go next?
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Have you checked and rechecked the coolant level. It sometimes takes a few trips, heat up/cool down cycles to get the system completely full. I assume the blower is working but the blend door may be stuck.
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How would I go about clearing the line? Also if it is stuck how would I get unstuck?
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Welcome to the forums.

Do you have air coming out of the ducts..... can you hear the blower working ?

You either have air blowing and it's cold or you don't have any air blowing.
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Iffff it is fixed, then great if not then do the following

1st---make sure your blower is working and the dash controls that direct the air are working. Like set it to the feet and the only air should be at the feet and so on. Switch cold to hot, you should hear the valve making it's movenent, it is hard to hear.
2nd----under the hood, find the heater hose, when you set the controls to heat then the hose should feel hot to your hands. The hose going to the heater will be hotter to your hands than the hose returning thewater to the engine. If the hose is hot, then get a second set of hands
3rd----either on the firewall or under dash on right side should be the heater core, there should be a cable going to a valve from your dash switch, you feel the valve and the second set of hands hshould move the control for you, the valve that you found and are holding should move back and forth freely and that valve should also feel hot (wear gloves)
4th----while vehicle is cold, under hood, disconnect the water return hose from engine and have heater valve turned on, you should have a steady flow of water, if not either the heater coreee is plugged or the valve that controls the water flow is shot because it seems not to open so water can get through.
Try and let me know.

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