1995 f150


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Unhappy 1995 f150

hello i need help i have a f150 1995 that is giving me fits. it is acting like it is vapor locking with the fuel i have changed the oil plugs, wires, dist cap, rotor button, added injector cleaners. i am stumped i have also checked the catalytic converters to make sure they wasn't stopped up. if i drive the truck say about 30 miles constantly it starts acting up popping back into the air filter compartment like a carb loading up its the only way i know to describe it. it also gets very hot at the gas cap it actually melted my vented cap. so i took it off and it still does it. if i let the truck sit about 30 minutes it cranks up and runs fine until it is drove awhile. please help thanks
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Pretty strange....hot at the gas cap ?!?!?!
Is there hot air coming out of the filler tube when the engine is running ?

I know the fuel system is a closed loop where the gas is pumped to the injection system and what is not needed is sent back to the tank but I'm stumped on the high heat problem.

Have you tried feeling the gas tank to see if it's hot too ?
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Hot enough to melt part of the gas cap doesn't sound safe I'd check to make sure the exhaust hasn't come in contact with the gas tank. It's more likely that the gas is getting hot at the the tank than the engine sending that much heat back to the tank.
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How did you "check the converter"?
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OH BOY! something ain't right there. there is a lot of egr. and vent reburn with these that could be an issue. The tank is vented to a canister that allows the engine to burn the vapors from the tank. maybe exhaust blowing on the tank?
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Checked for codes?

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