marine/rv battery and trickle charger


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marine/rv battery and trickle charger

Had my pop up truck camper in outdoor storage for just the past 5 weeks. Only electrical draw was CO/propane sensor. When I checked on the camper a few days ago my 1 yr old HD 24 -DP Interstate battery seemed quite dead. LEDs in camper wouldn't work.
I now have the battery at home with a trickle charger on it for about 72 hours. No indication that the battery is charged yet. Will it eventually charge or do I need to bring into a service station for a stronger charging?
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Usually those sensors are two separate units and they are quite the power pigs. I was just working on a motor home today. I think the combined draw is almost a 1/2 of an amp.

You may need to charge your battery at a high rate to get it back to normal. Be sure not to boil it.
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yes you need to hit the batt with 15 volts or so, The trickle may not be enough. You may need to burn off the sulfur.

Best to get a 3 stage or 4 stage charger...

Read here and hit all areas. Post back with any questions.

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You would do well to check the voltage on the battery with a volt meter.

It is possible that your charger needs a certain voltage level on it before it will begin charging.
This is a safety feature to prevent shorting of the clips or if connecting to a shorted battery.

If the battery voltage went below 10.5 volts it could have been damaged to where it will have lost some capacity.
If the voltage went below around 8 volts it will be a total write-off!

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