Is replacing the tire pressure warning unit a DIY job?


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Is replacing the tire pressure warning unit a DIY job?

The warning light would randomly come on indicating low tire pressure.
Checked the tire pressure and all is fine.
Brought the truck in for service and the senor was bad.
They replaced the sensor and all is fine.
Two weeks later it happened again.
This time it was a difference sensor.
These little items aren't cheap and wondering if replacing these would be a DIY type of job or even if the sensors can be purchased onLine.
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If mounting and dismounting tires is a DIY job then you can replace the sensor. Some vehicles can be more difficult to pair to the vehicle so simply replacing the sender in the wheel can only be part of the problem in some cases. Don't forget you are dealing with wireless devices and computers.
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10 year lithium battery....last usually around 7 years.......need scan tool look at data parameters and any stored codes......need special service kit to replace and torque settings and also replace seals so no leaks.....if you buy service kit and torque to spec after replacing seal so no leak after mounting and balancing then buy and replace yourself and have someone unmount tire and then mount and balance and then you have to do a relearn.....that is if there is no problem anywhere else.

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