how bad did I screw up


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how bad did I screw up

I went to the gas station this afternoon and added a bottle of fuel cleaner to the tank. As y'all know it's cold out there and the wind is brutal. I had trouble getting the paper/cardboard sleeve off of the bottle but I got it open and poured it in never thinking that the sleeve I couldn't get off would slide down into the tank

Any guesses on the probability of the paper dissolving and not becoming an issue?
It's a 1976 F-100 with a 360 CID V8.
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That's what filters are for. Does yours have an in tank pump? Prob not....hmmm...that could be a different story if it clogs an intake.
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The big question is are you seriously willing to drop the fuel tank to fish around and try and find the cardboard?

Don't feel bad. My father recently was fueling his 4 wheeler. He sat the small plastic cap from the fuel can in the 4 wheeler's cap. He finished fueling and put the cap back on the 4 wheeler. Went to put the cap on the fuel can and realized it's now somewhere in the bottom of the tank.
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I don't remember if it has an inline filter or one inside the carb. I also can't remember if it had a filter at the end of the pickup in the tank or not. I do know I'm not messing with it until it warms up
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There should a strainer on the pick up tube. Also a "canister" filter in line,takes a GF-157 AC filt.

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