1998 350 Vortec Chevy, fuel delivery issues


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Question 1998 350 Vortec Chevy, fuel delivery issues

Son has a 98 Chevy with the 350 Vortec engiine in it. He drove down to get gas and air at the local station. He shut the engine off and that was the end of it running, no start.
It will crank, tries to run for a second or two and dies. If I pour fuel into the TB it will run, so we have a fuel delivery problem.
I messured the fuel pressure and it reads about 55-60 psi. I have read that the fuel pressure has to be "at least" 60.
My question is this: How do you determine if the pump is a fault or the pressure regulator is bad? Keep in mind, this regulator is located under the upper intake manifold so there is no way of "testing" the regulator directly.

We did pull the upper intake and checked the injectors and they seemed to be putting fuel out. Just don't know if it is enough or in the right quantity.

Not sure of the way the regulator works since it is inside the intake manifold, it has no vacume hose connected to it. How does vacume get applied to something that is sitting in the vacume? Doesn't make sense to me.

Trying to keep from buying a $200 pump only to find out it is the $50 regulator, but don't want to do just it the other way around either. Don't like to buy and replace parts just for the fun of it.
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The first thing I would do is get under the truck and remove the fuel filter and see if it has any thing in it that may have caused a clog and if you can't remember when you last replaced it then its probably time for a new filter.

Also while the filter is off I would get the proper vessel to catch the gasoline and have an assistant turn the ignition to the "On" position (not all the way to Start position). It should pump out some fuel in the "On" position and then stop pumping because the engine hasn't started. You could try that several times. If the fuel pump is bad I would drop the gas tank and take a good look inside. I've worked on at least a couple of Chevy pickups of that age where the tanks rusted and the rust destroyed the fuel pump and in one case destroyed the replacement pump because the rusty inside wasn't detected.

Hope this is some help.
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can you hear the pump whirring when you turn the ignition on (without starting it)?
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I have a 98 Chevy silverodo with vortex 350 engine. And my truck will not run unless I pour gas in the tb and it will run until u put it in drive and it will spit and spudder and die. And will not start back up without pouring gas in the tb. It is so aggravating
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I am sure a competent technician can fix that! I wouldn't put up with that.
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