Changing the Oil Filter on a Dodge Ram


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Changing the Oil Filter on a Dodge Ram

My newest Chrysler Product is a 2012 Dodge Ram 4X4 Hemi. I got 4 free oil changes with the new purchase but now it's time for me to get under the truck.
I'm no novice to changing oil in cars and trucks, but when I started looking for the oil filter on this Hemi, I was surprised at how well it was hidden. I got access to it by jacking up the front of the truck slightly, and instead of coming up from the bottom of the filter as I have to do with my 3.5 V6. I had to reach over the front frame and grab the filter. Two things bothered me during this process. First, was that I removed the filter with my hand, no wrench, no effort. Second, was that maybe there was an easier way. Since the instructions on the filter (Chryslers Filter bought from the dealer) say to tighten one full turn after contacting the base, when I installed the new filter I did that. (I have followed those instructions on my other cars and have never had a problem) An internet search engine said to "tighten this filter by hand only don't use a wrench" (that more torque than that will strip threads) so I
Thought I would put this out there. Another issue was that The owners manual has oil changes recommended every 8000 miles. I probably do overkill on my engines, but I like to change oil every 3000. (Over the years, I have had to throw cars away but they always ran, and never burned oil) Another internet advisor said this engine's oil SHOULD be changed every 3000 miles.
I would appreciate any comments on the above process!
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Oil Filter

Have not owned a Dodge in recent years, but the last one I owned had the oil filter near the wheel well. It could be accessed by removing the wheel and the wheel well skirt. I hope I am remembering this correctly. Others will chime in.
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I don't know about your specific truck but I always change the oil on my stepson's jeep. He recently had some recall work done at the dealer and because they made him an appointment, made him wait for 1hr+ and then said "we don't have the parts" they gave him a free oil change when he went back. A few weeks ago I did the next oil change, the drain plug must have been put on with an impact and I don't know why the filter didn't leak - it wasn't even finger tight. Maybe the dealerships don't bother to snug up the filters ??
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Does your truck not have some sort of oil-life monitor?

Use the oil grade (5W-20 of whatever) and API (SN or whatever) listed in the manual and change it when the manual (or OLM) says. That's all it needs to live a long happy life.

Don't try to re-invent the wheel .....
Filter says "tighten 1 turn" then tighten 1 turn
Manual says "change oil at 8,000 miles" then change at 8k miles.

I bet Youtube has some videos on your subject if you look.

If you "like" to change your oil at 3,000 miles then go for it. You only "need" to do it at 8,000 miles.

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