98 Dodge Ram stumbling issues


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98 Dodge Ram stumbling issues

Truck is a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport.
4 wheel drive, Auto trans. approx 180,000 miles.

Just purchased this. Starts great, drives great, uses no oil, shifts great etc. There is a slight stumble though at around 1200 rpms. If you step on the gas it smooths out. If you let off on the gas, it smooths out.

The check engine light is on, and the code shoots out a downstream o2 sensor being bad. We changed it with a known good one and nothing changes. No other code shows.

I had a 98 Ranger that ran the same way, and it turned out to be the throttle position sensor. The check engine light on the Ranger didn't come on though, but when I changed the sensor it ran like new again. What are the odds that the throttle position sensor could be ad on this Ram, but not showing a code?

New wires, cap, rotor are on this. Any thoughts on which direction to head? Any quick things to check? Going to check timing and see how that is.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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what size engine?what code?post cat 02?post cat 02 for cat efficiency not fuel control.carbon on valves can cause this.carbon buildup would cause higher than normal compression.try some techron concentrate plus available at autozone......cleans injectors,intake valves,combustion chamber.....i have had good luck with this product.i use every 3000 miles.
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It is the 360 engine. Apparently there is no way to set timing on these? It seems to me that when I changed the head on my wife's 98 Ram with the 318, I looked up the timing and bought a timing light to set it. Now, when I look up timing, all I see is info on indexing the cam sensor in the distributor.

Not sure what the code number was. My wife had stopped at a service station when she was in town, but he said it was the last O2 sensor in the exhaust.

We did the seafoam treatment in the intake, and let it sit for 15 minutes and then took it for a good run. Smoked like expected, but didn't change the way it ran. Like I said, the truck runs great except for the stumble at around 12 rpms.

Next question is: If the sensor in the distributor is off, will that cause it to run rough at just certain rpm's or ?

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