Fuel Filter, 2001 Ranger


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Fuel Filter, 2001 Ranger

Today, I went under my 2001 Ranger to replace the fuel filter and couldn't get the orange fitting to release. I got the front fitting on the filter (lift the lock out) and the green fitting (depress the green lock) and couldn't get the orange lock to release when I pressed it. The filter rotated pretty easily in the fitting, but wouldn't come out.

Is there a way to make this separate?

Or, barring that, is it OK to replace the whole orange-fitting fuel line with a regular fuel line and clamp (should I be worried about the pressure in the system?)

Thanks - Mark
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Im not sure if the 01 is the same as my 95. Dont think there would be much difference. there is a special fuel disconnect tool that you are going to need to get the line off of the filter. You can get one from lacal parts store for a few dollars.
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travis is correct, there is a special fuel line disconnect tool that you need, you can get one that's a multi-size tool that will do 5/16 through 5/8" for about $8. The locks you mention are just a safety device to prevent the line from blowing off in the event that you don't get them coupled correctly, or so that they don't happen to pop off in the future. The fuel line itself is basically a quick connection, and you definitely don't want to replace them with a hose and clamp.

I just recently learned about these quick connects myself and they are pretty sweet. I don't know why I waited so long to replace my filter. The fuel that came out the back side was dark brown, along with big bits of rust. I bet the old fuel filter weighed 1 lb!
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Thanks Guys - I'll make the trip to autozone tonigh

- Mark

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