2004 Mazda B2300 Drive Cycle

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2004 Mazda B2300 Drive Cycle

Have you ever disconnected your battery to work on your car then gone to emissions within a couple of days to find out the OBD II is “Not Ready”? That is because different vehicles have different drive cycles they must go thru in order for the computer to register all the different sensors.

I had that happen to me this past week and in all my searching I could not find the drive cycle for the B2300 (other Mazda models with complex drive cycles but not for mine!) So, a trip to the service desk at my local Mazda dealer solved my problem. The service writers were great, giving me detailed but simple instructions and told be to stop back in so they could connect their diagnostic tool and let me know if the computer was “ready.”

Just follow these steps the best you can. Being in town did interfere with some of the drive time but they said it should still work. Here is the sequence:

1) Let vehicle sit for five hours (overnight is best)
2) Ensure all accessories are OFF, start vehicle and let it idle for 20 minutes then
3) Drive 35-45 mph for 10 minutes, then
4) Drive 55-60 mph for 10 minutes, then
5) Drive 35-45 mph for 10 minutes then
6) Let vehicle idle for 10 minutes
7) Turn vehicle off and wait a minimum of 20 minutes before restarting

I was within 12 minutes of a freeway so it was easy to plan my drive cycle. I did encounter 3 stops for lights each way at 35 mph and I did a turn-a-round at an exit ramp half way thru the 55 mph leg, so I wasn’t maintaining speeds all the time. It was good enough. A follow-up trip to the Mazda service desk gave me a green light to head on over to emissions!

Thought I would post my experience to maybe help someone else…. It just seems there is less and less pertinent info available (accessible for free) on the internet in the past couple of years. Good luck!
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thats a bit over kill
it can be done in about 20 min of regular driving / with a little of all the driving conditions

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