Removing transmission from an 89 GMC one ton


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Removing transmission from an 89 GMC one ton

For some reason, the transmission will not slide out of my 89 GMC one ton. I have never encountered this before and have removed quite a few transmissions. However, I need to remove the transmission in order to replace the clutch. Any help out there? Everything is disconnected, it just won't come out.
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First double-check that that the trans is supported just enough to limit any binding between it and the bell housing.

Next make sure that you don't have an alignment pin that's binding things up (not sure if there is such a thing on your vehicle's trans tho).

Also consider using plenty of "liquid rench" between the gap in the front of the trans and the bell housing. This can help free-up the trans input flange in the event that it has become "corroded" into place where it mates with the bell (rotating the transmission clock and counter-clock wise just a hair can sometimes free-up corrosion or binding in this area).

You might also try carefully dis-engaging the clutch with a pry-bar just a bit while you try to slide the trans out (I've had pretty good luck with this).

A last resort might be to remove the trans and bell housing as a single unit.
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Try FMB42's suggestions after replacing the transmission fastening bolts with some that are 1' to 1 1/2" longer installed to leave a sliding gap for transmission to slide on , but not fall in floor when it comes loose. Tie a 'come along' between transmission tail housing and rear axle applying a good amount of pull pressure. Transmission should come loose.
Could be stuck in several different places or all of them. Pilot bearing, clutch disc splines to input shaft splines, alignment ring at front of trans to clutch housing alignment hole, throw out bearing stuck in a groove on throw out slide on bearing retainer/trans snout.

Good luck!


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