Nissan Titan gas problem

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Nissan Titan gas problem

I have 04 Titian and I had this truck for about 8 years and love has about 190,000 miles. Havent really had any major issues up until a month ago. So; When I push the pedal to the floor to get a quick burst of speed, the truck wont respond. Like it seemed to bog down rather then acclerate up. At about 4k RPM it would stay. But If I gradually give it gas like normal driving it does fine. Had it brought in. Mechanic said my cat converters were clogged and showed me that one of the cats had no honeycomb in it. So after about 1500 bucks, it ran fine for a bit, then recently it strted to do it again. So is it everytime I want to slam the pedal, but runs fine in normal driving.

Any thoughts on what I should do?
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Welcome to the forums.

Any thoughts on what I should do?
Yes.... after spending $1500.00 to fix it..... I'd take it back it to the guy I just paid for the work.
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I would definitely check for exhaust restriction as was done but also pull the fuel filter and see whats in it, also fuel pump pressure and your air delivery system to the intake because without the proper volume of air it doesn't matter how much fuel is being pumped into the engine. I assume the air filter was checked?

Your truck probably doesn't have this but I'll tell the story anyway, FYI:

We had this one in our shop more than a few years ago. One of best guys went over a car for the bogging down on acceleration problem. The car ran fine sitting in the service bay and everything was within specs but when he test drove it it would still bog down. Turns out there was factory installed insulation on the underside of the hood and it would flap down slightly and the car would drive OK at low and cruising speed but when you punched the gas pedal I guess the rapid increase of engine fan speed and increased suction at the air filter intake would blow the insulation to cover the air filter intake causing the engine to bog down. We ripped out the insulation and problem solved. He never did replace the insulation.

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