1993 4.0 ford ranger fuel pump wont shut off when key is in run position


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1993 4.0 ford ranger fuel pump wont shut off when key is in run position

i have a 1993 4.0 ford ranger and when i turn key to run position fuel pump keeps running and it sounds like air leaking under the hood. i have checked all vacuum line and put my hands all around the motor and cant find the leak and the truck wont start. When the fuel pump does cut off i dont hear any air leak and it starts right up. NEED HELP PLEASE?
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only thing can think of is
the possibility of the fuel pressure regulator sticking OPEN
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The fuel injection loop is a closed system. You are probably hearing the gas returning back to the tank. I've owned a lot of Ford trucks and the ECM controls when the pump runs.

I'm not sure if it's the same on your vehicle. If I remember correctly.... on the bigger engine trucks they use two relays to control the pump. Your vehicle may just have one.

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