Norcold RV fridge stopped cooling


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Norcold RV fridge stopped cooling

Took our coach in for service when we got it back the fridge wont cool now. We are supposed to be leaving on Monday AM early for a weeks vacation.
Ive read up on the model and it seems that it is in BOS mode as the temp LED is flashing.
Anybody have any insights on how i might be able to fix this? The house battery was a tad low when we picked it up and it seems that could have locked up the board (according to the internet) but how do i reset it? I tried shutting off all power and batts. to no avail.

Please help me salvage our vacation.
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What is is the model of your fridge?
Is the fridge still cooling and can you still set the temperature with the thermostat?
Is it possible that the propane system was serviced and the line to the fridge needs to be purged?
Do you have the fridge in "Auto" mode and have you tried to set it to a specific fuel supply?
Are you getting any diagnostic codes if yours has this feature?
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From Norcold service manual...

This refrigerator has a Back-Up Operating System to allow the refrigerator to cool in case of a failure within the temperature sensing circuit. If this happens, the TEMP SET LED flashes and refrigerator switches to BOS mode.

This mode provides cooling until the refrigerator is serviced. Check refrigerator temperatures when operating in this mode. If the temperature is too cold, adjust the thermostat to the left in single LED steps. If the temperature is too warm, adjust the thermostat to the right in single LED steps. Allow the refrigerator to operate at the new setting for one hour before rechecking the temperatures (frequent door opening prevents the temperatures from stabilizing).

While the refrigerator can operate in this mode, Norcold recommends that you seek service as soon as practical to restore normal operation.

Your unit is operating in a preset temperature mode. That means it's not actually monitoring the temperature. You may be able to service it but a model number would be required.

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