2000 Dodge Dakota left turn signal/brake light


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2000 Dodge Dakota left turn signal/brake light

My 2000 Dodge Dakota is having a problem with left turn signal/brake light, on dash left turn signal blinks fast so I thought a bulb was out. I replaced all the bulb in front an back on left side but it still does it. The brake light doesn't work either the sockets an wiring seem fine. it you start to put on left turn signal at times you can hear a buzzing noise from fuse panel area does this mean my flasher unit is at fault if not what else should I look at? Thanks.
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If the right side blinks normally then the flasher can't be bad...... right ?

When the dash indicator blinks fast it does mean a bulb is out.
Try operating the four way warning flasher control several times and see if that helps.
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what bulb did it take... FAR too often I find an 1157 (dual filament) in bas-ackwards (it only goes in 1 way) or an 1156 (single filament) stuffed in there shorting the 2 circuits together (tail lamps and turn/brake). If it was a 3157 bulb swap the bulb and socket from the other tail lamp assembly, chrysler has some crappy 3157 sockets in that era (every WJ grand cherokee you see with a tail lamp out needs a housing or a socket, not just the bulb... they all fail).
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switch the 4 way flasher & the turn signal flasher & try, if it does the same,replace the turn signal switch
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if it was a flasher unit problem it would blink fast on right or left directional....not just the left side.

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