1997 ford ranger clutch problems


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1997 ford ranger clutch problems

I just changed out clutch pressure plate and slave cylinder in my 97 ranger, I have bench bled the master cylinder and gravity bled the new slave cylinder. I looked in the inspection hole and I am getting about half inch of travel in the slave cylinder, from every video I watch and everything I have read it should be working but it still won't disengage the clutch to go into gear. Could maybe manufacturing a 1/8th inch plate to put behind slave cylinder possibly work?
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Is there any adjustment on the rod that goes from the slave to the transmission?
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No, it's supposed to be self adjusting
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no.... this is not a friendly system for bleeding. The last one I did I had to unbolt the master from the firewall, lift the front of the vehicle 4 feet (YES, 4 FEET) in the air and bleed the system. The problem with this stupid STUPID system is that the master cylinder inlet is at the bottom and it goes up at nearly a 45 degree angle to the clutch pedal, the master cylinder captures air and the only way to get it out that I have had luck with is to get the front of the master cylinder higher than the rear.

Creating a spacer will achieve nothing, you need the overall throw. If you get it to where it will actually disengage with some type of shim method it will be stuck half applied at all times never able to fully engage. The throw out bearing is not made to carry that load, and the clutch disc and pressure plate wont appreciate it either.

One other question because I was actually special enough to do this recently on a different vehicle, I cannot remember what the ranger has for a pilot bearing but it was installed correctly and far enough in, correct? If you made it flush with the face of the flywheel it can easily be dragging on the input shaft which will create an identical not disengaging feeling.
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ford made a boo boo when they placed the bleeder on the slave in that position.. way I do em on customers vehicles is remove the drivers fender skirt, unbolt the slave, hold the bleeder end of the slave straight up and have someone pump the pedal while you bleed the system until theres no more air in the system, reinstall & check..I have tried vacuum bleeders, reversed pressure bleeders and old school bleeding, this is the only way I have found that works on rangers

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