2000 chevy silverado


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2000 chevy silverado

I have a 2000 chevy Silverado 4x4 5 speed clutch with a 6 cylinder. We replaced the spark plugs, spark plugs cables the rotor and distributed cap. We replaced them about 3 weeks ago. I started feeling problems like the truck jumping and acting weird when you hold a steady rpm. The engine light came on Tuesday. The 22nd I took it up to auto parts and they did a scan. It said it was random misfire and it was time for a tune up. I haven't checked everything yet just looking if this has happened to anyone else and what's the cheapest way to fix it before I take apart my truck again.
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Make sure the wires are firmly seated on the spark plugs as well as in the distributor cap.

You may have purchased a defective cap and rotor. I always kept the old set as an emergency replacement. If all the wires appeared to be seated properly..... try switching back to your old cap and rotor.

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