97' Chevy 1500 transmission issue NON 4x4


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97' Chevy 1500 transmission issue NON 4x4


I have a problem with my truck its a 97' chevy 1500 350 v8 automatic and recently the transmission started making a winding and a small clunking/grinding sound for about a week. After that time, i would be driving it and it would run very high RPM (3500-4500) and slip and not accelerate or shift much highewr than 2nd gear, eventually all gears would go out.

After a month of sitting in the driveway, i fired it up and the truck drove like it was brand new while it was cold. I drove it around the block, had great power, no issues (i could faintly hear the winding sound) and came back to let it idle. After i went to get back in the truck to try again all gears were gone again. R-D-3-2-1 and it would only rev up. Wierd how it runs great cold and once it warms up i get nothing.

I got under there to look and listen and the winding noise was faint while the grinding/clunking sound went away. I notice as well a decent amount of oil was leaking and dripping right where the Motor and the Transmission meet. im assuming that whatever is causing the oil to leak is the part that broke and why the trans went out completely.

A mutual friend told me it could be one of the seals that meet on the motor or Trans that went bad. I just wanted to know if i should just RR the trans or if it might be the motor or a part connecting the two?

I should include that the problem started because i was brake torquing and laying burnouts on the road after i found out some terrible news... it only drove for about 2 weeks after that. i changed the water pump and thermostat 2-3 days before the trans finally went.

Thanks or your time,
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Remove, rebuild, replace transmission.
You killed it. It is dead!

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New/used trans or re-build is going to be required. No simple fix.
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Working cold and crapping out when hot is a common symptom of dead tranny. At 17-18 years old, probably has 200,000+ miles on it, so the extra strain was probably too much for it. Run you $1500-2000 to rebuild or you might find a decent used one [roll of the dice on if a used one will last].

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