96 chevy cheyenne 1500 blower motor stopped working


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96 chevy cheyenne 1500 blower motor stopped working

I was plowing last night, took a break when I got back in the blower motor wasn't putting out any air on any setting. When I cycle through the low, medium, high settings I can hear a soft click about where the blower motor is located but no airflow.


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Welcome to the forums Paul!

The blower motor has probably died, shouldn't be too difficult to replace it. I assume you doubled checked the fuse to rule that out.
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weird, I just went out to fire up the vehicles, it's -15F. blower is working fine at least on the high setting. I'll check the other setting after they warm up a bit.

I did not check fuses, I was trying to find a picture of the fuse panel layout last night without success. I need to get new glasses, the panel is the perfect distance so I can't bring the writing into focus..... sucks getting old
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I'm thinking blower resistor. Can't say for sure, as I haven't worked on one in quite a few years, knock on wood, but seems that at least some of them, maybe even a majority, were mounted on the engine side of the firewall. Maybe google one to see what it is that you are looking for, and then see if you can find it in the vicinity of the blower motor. Finding it is probably the hardest part, as diagnosing it with an ohmmeter and changing it shouldn't be too bad.
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Blower only working on high is classic blower resister failure. I have replaced a few of these in my time.
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If it didn't work on any setting last night, and works on all settings today= change blower motor
If it only works on high, its most llikely the blower resistor but its odd that it didn't work at all last night.
Usually when the resistor set goes bad it will work on high only because the power isn't sent thru any of the resistors on high setting, it is the full 12v for max speed. As a check you can hook up a dvom at the motor plug and change the switch to each setting. You should see some voltage for each setting. If not then the resistor is bad. Also you can pull it out and look at it, it may have burn marks or smell funny if faulty. I believe access for this truck is behind the glove box. You can also pull out the motor and spin it by hand if it's suspect. Same here too, if it's hard to spin or smells burned its most likely bad.
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thank you for all the replies. As long as it continues working I'll take ajkustra 's advice and on the first day with reasonable temps I'll open up the housing and take a look. I'll also buy a blower motor and resistor cause murphy likes me. It will almost certainly fail for good when I need it and no part stores are open.

A friend also suggested that something could have worked it's way from the dash down into the housing... I have kids so that could never happen

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