Headphones for DVD player and TV in conversion van


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Headphones for DVD player and TV in conversion van

I have a 2007 raised roof conversion van that I recently bought. It has a dvd player and tv in it. My question is this. I would like to be able to use some wireless headphones with the dvd player. Does anyone have any info on what it takes to do this or where I would get good info? I am thinking that I might have to replace the dvd player but I am not sure.

The dvd player that is in there now is a:

Fahrenheit DVD-61 looks like the type you would mount in a dash.

I may be asking this is in the wrong forum but not sure.

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Those are the headphones are their site.
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It's more than just buying headphones. You need a transmitter. Your DVD player has a pair of audio output jacks. They can feed a rooftop monitor, factory audio system and headphones.

Some rooftop monitors have a either an IR (infra red) or RF (radio frequency) transmitter built in. You'd need to determine which of either is present to match the headphones.

You could post a model number for the monitor.

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