How to safely secure cargo in Utility Trailer


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How to safely secure cargo in Utility Trailer

I bought a 5x8 utility trailer with 36" sides. I am going to use it to haul camping gear, bicycles, and move boxes of junk. If I haul stuff on the freeway at 70mph, what are best practices to secure the cargo. I can't see to find anything on line. I mean I have a bunch of d rings hooks and bungie cords. I mean do I need to secure everything down with a ratcheting strap to be safe??
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I've always used a heavy tarp and ratcheting straps on my trailer. Never had any issues or problems.
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I would suggest a cargo net. Cargo Nets, Luggage Nets, and Truck Bed Nets - Cargo Gear
(I have no connection whatsoever with this company, I merely found it on an Internet search.)
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One problem with many trailers is there is no place on the deck or down low to attach tie-downs leaving you with only the top rail of the sides or tie-down rings on the outside of the trailer. Purpose built deck tie-down points can make it a lot easier to properly secure things in the trailer.

Bungie cords are almost useless for securing a load. They are great for keeping tension on a tarp but are not able to carry a load and their stretch allows things in the trailer to move and bang into each other. You need good strong rope at the minimum but ratchet straps are better in many cases.
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Ratcheting straps and stretch wrap have been my bag of tricks for a long time.
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I have the same trailer, 5 x 8 utility.
I don't know if it's available to you locally, but I did the same thing as PJ. Heavy Duty tarp.
The tarp is high quality, heavy, doesn't flap in the wind. It was custom made and cost me about $140.00. Pretty good deal.
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I think your limited to 55mph when towing a trailer. Ratcheting straps are the best way to hold loads..
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Thanks guys, does anyone have a picture of how you attach a tarp or like, if I have a big Rubbermaid tote in the trailer, how would I ratchet strap it, like one strap around the side and one on top. That will be a lot of straps for one camping trip.

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