how to ease a cranky lock


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how to ease a cranky lock

I have a Mazda B2300 pickup. The door locks on outside doors have gotten cranky on opening. Just about won't open. Gotta jiggle them for awhile before they open.

What's the fix for this?

WD-40, graphite, etc????
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Graphite would be the best long term lubricant but it's hard to beat something like WD-40 for breaking a sticky lock loose as it's really good at wicking into all the little nooks and crannies inside a lock. Many people swear that it attracts dirt and shouldn't be used and I can't argue that it may allow dirt to stick but I've got one cranky old lock that's needed a squirt of WD-40 a couple times a year for the past 15+ years and it still works.
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Just about won't open. Gotta jiggle them for awhile before they open.
My son had that same truck a couple years ago, driving him nuts. I sprayed some WD-40 in them and they've worked like butter ever since.
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There's a product called LockEase which is graphite in a fluid carrier. You can find it many places online. TrueValue carries it in store many times, as do some other hardware stores.

It works very well. The carrier flushes out the lock and leaves the graphite behind.

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