Camper furnace problem [Relocated thread]


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Exclamation Camper furnace problem [Relocated thread]

My Duo-Therm 65810-2 in my 37 year old Trillium 1300 won't turn down on low it blows full blast and heats the trailer up real fast it doesnt shut off like a thermostat either. Tried it. Any help is appreciated!


P.S. I don't know if this is in the right forum.
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There are two types of gas valves available for your style of furnace.

One type is a milli-volt electric with a self generating thermocouple.......This type will have a wall mounted thermostat connected with wires.
The other type uses a sealed gas charged bulb that is attached to the gas valve and mounted to the wall beside the furnace......This type will have you adjust the temperature on the gas valve.

Which type do you have?

You need to be aware that these older types of furnaces are considered a serious hazard to use by today's standards.
Most do not have a thermal limiter and the surface temperature at the front of the furnace can burn someone and the metal on the heat-exchanger is prone to burn through releasing fumes into your camper.

The fact they can overheat may only be a problem if you have children using the camper but you really need to examine the heat-exchanger carefully as we want you to wake up next time you use it!

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