AC Tube has a leak ... 1998 Freightliner 60 Series


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AC Tube has a leak ... 1998 Freightliner 60 Series

Like I said this is a 98 Freightliner 60 Series.

Looks like there is a casing around the expansion valve that has two hoses coming out. now these hoses DO NOT just screw on they are made onto this casing.
I will attach some pics of what I am taking about and one pic has a arrow showing where we believe the leak is...

we charged the unit and it worked pretty good until the freon all leaked out. Of Course ! There was oil right where this pipe meets the housing.

Now I want to know how to fix this hole ???
Part that needs replacing ? All expansion valves I have found look like a Mac valve that you would screw these hoses into.

We have tried JB Weld... Lasted about a day.
Cleaned all the oil, ruffed up tube, applied more than enough, lasted 1 maybe 2 days.

Any help would be great guys !
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Welcome to the forums.

There must be a lot of vibration there. Possibly a design flaw and not supported well.
That tubing is usually aluminum and if that is on the high pressure side.... JB Weld will never hold.

I would recommend a truck repair center that does A/C repair. They may be able to repair it with an oxy/act. torch. It could be done with a MIG or TIG welder but that process makes the aluminum more brittle.

Here's a DIY piece on the site.... How To Weld Aluminum With An Oxy-Acetylene Torch

Be advised as any flame near a refrigerant leak will release toxic and hazardous fumes. I left you the link to show a method of repair. I wouldn't call it a DIY repair.
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It looks like you have a gasketed hose assembly that connects to the expansion valve.
The problem with trying to weld this piece is that it is so thin the heat of brazing will distort it and you will be constantly trying to get the gasket/o-ring to seal.
It is also such a small assembly the heat of repairing it will overheat the hoses where they are crimped causing more leaks.

The assembly is not cheap but you won't be throwing money away trying to repair it.

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