hydraulic floor jack repair


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hydraulic floor jack repair

anybody know of a place that repairs 35 year old 1 1/4 ton automotive floor jacks?
either local, CT, or by shipping it to them?
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35 years old is not worth fixing. Any repair can be dangerous. Seals will be worn, valves to seat tolerances will be off, adjustment will not hold and hydraulic fluid is hygroscopic and that means moisture has been introduced to the system that may cause corrosion.

Buy a new unit with a reputable name behind it. Not a Harbor Freight unit. You're putting your life under it. I know from experience. Several years ago as I was lowing the van from a hydraulic jack and the valve stuck open and the arm swung up with full weight of van behind it hitting me in the side of the head at the eye socket. (I had changed the hydraulic fluid about a year prior to this incident.) Knock me temporally unconscious. Had it been just a bit more to the temple and it could've been lights out. I chucked that thing to the curb side at the next garbage pick-up and made sure it could not be reused or fixed in any manner. Bought a new one. And when it feels like it may be getting old or sluggish, I'll through it out and buy a new one.
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I have a 30+ yr old harbor freight floor jack that has given me good service although it is on it's last legs. I did replace the o-rings several years back. I don't know if the new HF jacks are as good as my old one.

I can't see where it would be cost effective to pay someone to repair your jack. It doesn't cost much to replace the o-rings and fluid if you feel like giving it a try, otherwise I agree with Norm that it would be best to just buy a replacement. What is wrong with your jack?

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A repair will likely cost close to the same as a new one. However, there are quite a few repair kits on eBay and other places.
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I recommend a rebuild and anyone that is handy with tools can do it. I have a Hein/Warner floor jack that is at least 70 years old. Had it professionally rebuilt about 30 years ago. It didn't work right, so I opened it and discovered a spring and ball in wrong place. Put them in the correct position and the jack has worked well ever since.
I use it frequently. It is much better than my HF jack.

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Larger jacks, 2,3,5 ton, are definitely worth repairing. I wouldn't put much money back into a small jack.
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I just put a seals in my 2 ton Walker the kit and shipping was $43

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