What does it mean to have a bad lifter? Is it broken or stuck?


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What does it mean to have a bad lifter? Is it broken or stuck?

I have a 2000 Silverado w/ a 4.8 V8. There is a constant tapping and one possible cause from what I understand could be a bad lifter. I know what lifters do but don't really understand what happens when one goes bad. Does that mean it is sticking and not moving? Does it mean that it is broken? Anybody want to take a shot at clearing this up for me? Thanks

By the way oil level is good, pressure on the gage on dash looks good, and I ran a quart of flush for 10 minutes then changed the oil. Still tapping. Happens wether just started up from being cold of has been running some.
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there could be a lot of reasons for a tapping noise but if its from a lifter its generally collapsed and not pumping oil witch causes excess clearance from the pushrod to rocker arms and this is actually the noise your hear when a lifter is collapsed. a worn cam lobe or a broken valve spring, or rocker arm wear could also cause the same noise.
might try running rislone or marvel mystery oil in the oil for awhile to see if it helps but it may actually need some parts replaced to fix the issue.
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Good explanation there from Alan.
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On that engine, my first suspect would be a cam lobe worn down.
If that is the case you will need new cam, lifters, and timing components. Major surgery on engine.


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