Replace lifters or just replace engine in 2000 Silverado?


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Replace lifters or just replace engine in 2000 Silverado?

Here is the situation.

I have a 2000 Silverado with a 4.8L. Sounds like a lifter is bad. Oil pressure is good. Could have resulted when oil level dropped too low, but not sure. Anyway have to decide which way to go now.

Option 1 is to just replace the lifters and hope that it was just a lifter that went bad. Along with hoping the cam shaft is not bad.

Option 2 is to replace the engine. This has a couple of options too.

Do I get a rebuilt one or do I get a new one from GM?

Is it worth the extra money to buy the new one from GM?

Any advise is appreciated. Work on it has not started. Have to decide which route to take first.

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Added info:

Truck has 200k miles, rest of truck is in great shape and has been very well cared for, and I plan on keeping the truck for another 200k
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I would first try an oil change with high detergent oil, to see if that frees the lifter. I have read - not tried - that adding some ATF fluid ( which is high detergent) and running for a short period of time, will sometimes free the lifter. The oil should then be changed for fresh.

If you have the lifter replaced, consider having most other major items done at the same time, such as water pump, timing belt, etc.

I would consider a rebuilt, from a major rebuilder because it should have all new wear items at a lower cost than a factory short block or crate engine.
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Don't just replace lifters. You will need a new cam to go with them as the wear pattern is established on old cam and will destroy a new lifter quickly.

At 200K miles and lifter problems, I would vote for the new GM engine. Have done several for myself. NO REGRETS.

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A new engine from GM for a 2000 vehicle..... hmmmmm..... borderline.
I'd consider a rebuilt from Jasper. I've had good luck with their rebuilds.
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I did try the detergent method. that didn't free it up. That is what brought me to where I am now.
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You don't need a new cam unless a roller failed and damaged the cam!
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Its hard for me to tell you what to do because this really is a borderline decision & a preferential decision.
In my personal situation, in this situation as we know it, I am pretty sure I would elect to buy a rebuilt engine based on a 15 year old truck (engine) with 200,000 miles & that I plan to keep it for another 15 years/200,000 miles. I just think its a safer bet all the way around.... in my personal situation.

Good luck & hope this helps ....
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I tend to agree with the others. Would really suck to drop a few hundred bucks into it and you'd still have a motor with 200k miles on it.

I currently have 260,000 miles on the 5.7L Chevy in my wrecker. It's a Jasper.

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