4x4 radius arm bushings


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4x4 radius arm bushings

I have a 76 Ford F-100 4x4 that I'm replacing the radius arm bushings on. Was curious if any of you have done this before. Me and my son spent all day on it and while close to being done - it's not finished yet

The book says to remove the shock and spring, unfasten the radius arm front/back, pull the axle forward until the radius arm is free.

Most everyone I talked to said not to unbolt anything but the rear of the radius arm and pull the axle forward. I also read on the net that some grind off the rivets and drop the rear bracket. That would seem like a no brainer except one of the 4 rivets is above the end of the arm inaccessible to a grinder or drill bit.

We tried pulling the axle forward on the drivers side but it wouldn't come far enough so we wound up removing the shock and spring. Wasn't too bad once we figured it out. Expected to repeat the process on the pass side but one of the 4 bolts holding the radius arm to the axle would not budge But we were able to pull the axle forward enough on that side.

Of course the 2nd box of bushings [identical number] had the wrong bushings in it so had to make a trip to town to swap it out.

I still have to finish bolting up the shocks and stabilizer bar, pull the drivers side of the axle back a little further so I can install the washer/nut along with checking everything. The hard part is done But I am curious if anyone else has done this job and how they did it.
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Haven't done one of those in many years but remember not a fun job even on a rack.
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Did it many times with a ratchet winch (power pull) attached to axle and other end to a tree or other solid object (cow catcher front bumper or another vehicle). Remove nut from rear of radius rod, pull axle forward using power pull, when it comes loose remove old bushings and clean radius rod of trash, put on new bushing and associated components, slowly release power pull until radius rod is back in place. Replace nut and tighten to German torque. (Guten-tight) Repeat other side. Job is now done.


(worked a repair shop for several years)
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We used my tractor to pull against but the driver's side would not pull forward enough to pull the end of the radius arm out of the bracket. Releasing the pull on that side didn't bring the axle back far enough. I currently only have a couple threads on the nut without the washer. I plan to put the ratchet strap on the front/back axles on the driver's side to pull the axle back an inch or so.

I'm thankful my son came over to help!! I'm not positive I could have gotten one side done in a day by myself. Not sure how I got old and no longer fit for a days work As sore as I am this morning I was almost wishing it would be pouring down rain so I'd have a good excuse not to finish
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