How do I secure loose ratchet strap ends?


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How do I secure loose ratchet strap ends?

It seems no matter how I wind up the long tails of ratchet straps the ends wiggle loose and whip around or drag on the ground and get frayed.

What have you found that works to keep the tails under control?
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Tying knots - tie the loose end around part of the strap under tension.
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I tie a double half hitch knot. If you search for images you will see it's an easy knot to tie and is good for keeping the strap from loosening.
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Especially if you're going very far, take some good strong, wide tape like duct tape or that clear scotch tape with the string made in it, fold the loose end of the strap up in about 8" or 12" fold, lay it on the tight part of the strap, then wrap 2 or 3 wraps of that tape around it. I've run 1000+ miles with it like that on MANY occasions, when I was in the "hot shot" (trucking) business.
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My BIL recently helped me strap my pontoon to my trailer and he did something similar by folding the excess, then winding a couple feet of the tail around the stack & the strap center under tension. I didn't see what he did with the end, though.

I normally do the double half-hitch but sometimes the wind shakes the knots out.

I've seen truckers wrap the tail around the ratchet (to keep it from opening?), but don't know what they do to secure the end.

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