Spacers [For Trailer Fenders}


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Spacers [For Trailer Fenders}

I have a small home made trailer like 4x6 which had no fenders.I installed fenders yesterday and the tires are rubbing against fender a little to wide of tire with the fenders on.Can I use some washers on studs to bring tire out enough that it will not scrub.Just use trailer for hauling of items to land fill.Thanks for advice.

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Once again moved a thread of yours out of plumbing into the correct forum. Please choose the correct forum when posting.
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It would be better to mount the fenders different! I need to replace the lugs on a front wheel on my tractor and used washers to get me to decent thread BUT my tractor doesn't get up to speed going down the highway! The spacers NASCAR uses are a single plate so the wheel still mounts snugly against the hub. Just using washers like I did on a tractor wheel doesn't give you a snug fit, I'll be replacing the lugs on my tractor shortly.
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Would the washers be ok on this small trailer which would not be pulled very little.
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Hard to be more specific without seeing what you have and knowing how far you need to move them out, but I would not use washers. The force of any flexing is going to be confined to an area the size of the washer, and is going to fail or at least rip or bend something, probably the fender, prematurely. I would use a solid piece of steel or aluminum, the size of whatever the contact area is that you have between the fender and the frame, or, at a minimum a couple inches in height, and then drill that to fit between the two. You can buy flat stock at places like TSC, etc., or you should be able to pick up a couple of pieces at a local welding shop. If you are taking them out say an inch or more, I would probably bolt the spacers to the frame and then bolt the fenders to the spacer, just because I think that would be the "righter" way to do it.
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I think the problem is that the wheel needs spacers between the rim and hub to move the tire outwards away from the inner part of the fender.
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The real problem is that the fenders were improperly installed.
To attempt to modify the rim/hub attachment is the wrong approach and could be unsafe.

"I installed fenders yesterday and the tires are rubbing against fender"
Remove fenders and try again.
If you post a picture of how the fenders are installed we may be able to offer a suggestion.
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It would help if you posted some pictures so we can see your trailer, fenders and how they are mounted.

I agree that you need to work on the fenders and not the wheels/rims. The studs are only so long so you'd probably only be able to move the wheel a quarter inch which still wouldn't be enough space to accommodate where the wheel may be when the trailer is loaded.
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