Silverado 2007 electrical problem


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Silverado 2007 electrical problem

Hi, I have 2007 Silverado 2500 HD new model. I experienced a few times this problem: when I stop, swich off the engine the battery voltage drops down considerably...the dome ligts dim, the power locks don't work. After up to a minute it goes back to normal. It looks like a hard short. Last time it happened I touched alternator and the heavy +Batt cable and it was warm but not hot. No time to measure and/or trobleshoot since the problem lasts for up to one minute. I replaced the battery, checked the starter, the heavy wiring and connectors...all is good and clean. Any idea?
Thanks, Danigo
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The only thing that comes to mind is the blower motor. They are connected to "always live" power and an electronic module determines the speed. Try listening for it.
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Thanks, but there is not an electrical blower on this model.
Could it have to do with the el. locks? They are activated to open when the engine is switched off... the ign. key to off position. But I don't think the locks draw so much current even if they were jammed.

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