93 Bronco wont start


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93 Bronco wont start

Hi Guys
My 93 bronco wont start.When I turn the key it clicks. All lights go out. I wait maybe 30 seconds the lights will come back on. Some times it will start other times it wont the headlights are bright when it acts dead when I jump it it will start right up. I will have it running with the lights on and heater at idle the volt gauge is reading low
I had the battery tested and the alternator both read good
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I'd start with a simple and thorough cleaning of the battery terminals.
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And don't forget that there are two ends to each cable. Make certain that the cable to the starter is clean and tight.
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thanks ill do that I was thinking of replacing the alternator. I dont trust the store when they check them. I will clean the end of the cable to the starter
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Clean cables, Battery, starter, Alternator is way down the list of no start. Alternator only if no charge.
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Agreed, clean cables... BOTH cables. Although most people dont realize it, the negative/ground is usually the one to be the culprit.
If you don't readily see corrosion on the cable ends, check really close to the cable/wires just behind the ends under the plastic/rubber outer covering. Sometimes the corrosion will be hidden under the plastic covering & you wont see it. Check for bulging as the corrosion builds up under there. In these cases, you need to replace the cables.

Hope this helps.... Good luck
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Ok Thanks I am going to change the cables first. They are 24 years old and the truck doesnt get driven much. It only has 85 thousand on it. Besides the cables will be the cheapest way to go at first
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24 yrs is a long time for cables. They are likely corroded on the inside where you can't see which will prevent the full current from flowing thru them. Replacing them is a good idea
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