Trailer Tire Wear


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Trailer Tire Wear

I have a 5 x 8 utility trailer, Big Tex.
I put some good tires on it (years ago). The tires are Denman Express S/T.
They have a flat tread like car tires and I thought they were a deluxe version of trailer tires.

I noticed the passenger side tire is wearing on both the inside and outside edges.
The tire no longer appears like it has a flat tread, more rounded.
Drivers side still looks pretty good, it's flat and has plenty of tread??

Anything I should check before getting a new tire?
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Low tire pressure usual cause.
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Yes. Given the problem only occurs on one side, in all likelihood the tire is underinflated. Check the inflation requirements on the sidewall.
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With the information provided, I agree that its under-inflated... low air pressure.
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One more vote for underinflated. And, since it has enough miles on it to show wear, look at the side wall for any signs of cracks following the circumference; with radial tires, this is a common point of failure for an underinflated tire.
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I'll get 2 new tires and start paying attention to the pressure.

I'm sure I slacked off on that and didn't realize it would ruin the tire.
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A lot depends on the load put on the trailer. Empty, the tires can almost be flat and not show but once you load the trailer the under inflation will become more apparent. Under inflated tires will basically wear the same on a trailer as they would your car/truck.

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