2005 Avalanche: gauge problems


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2005 Avalanche: gauge problems

Bear with me this is a long one.

ABOUT a year ago my fuel gauge got to showing full then empty moving around
then one day it just went limp stayed on E..

3 mos ago the temp gauge what showing hot then cold back and forth one day it went limp all the way to the bottom left.. i got a screw in thing on left side replaced it but nothing still showed nothing

Now few days ago i start and my oil gauge goes to 80 then past 80 all the way. if you Idle it stays right on 80..I check oil it is fine

ok got to go to Nashville 2 hrs away today..I CHECK oil and its fine. I take off.
No temp No gas Oil at 80... Now the Battery gauge is fine..
So I get there take care of business stay about 3 hours time to head back home...

So I been in truck 75 miles and looking at my Speedometer, I got it on 78 80 as I do.. I see it go to 50 stay there a few miles then 30 afew miles still got full power at 80 then it goes to 0 RPM same 0.. So i ride about 20 miles time to eat let this thing rest.. I pull in eat some ribs.. Take back off fire it up and Speedometer is WORKING FINE. all other gauges are still out except battery.. I take off get about 70 miles speedometer has been fine.. All of asudden it stops goes 50 stays a few then 30 then to 0. But i still got full power..

What do you think? Do I need a whole new dash board.
a oil sensor??
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Those dash clusters have a lot of trouble with defective stepper motors. They are replaceable if you are really handy otherwise look around for a place that repairs clusters.

A friend of mine has a shop and he gets roughly $150 to rebuild the cluster. He changes lamps and other problem parts.
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That must be a pretty standard price. I was told the same number by my shop.
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Send it where the shops & dealerships send them:

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I called Specmo and lady told me you send to us 24 48hrs we send it back.
You have to get the Cluster get number off the back I will give you a price.
Ok I get it off you tube showed me how real easy. Call her back
Cost is $205.00 give me address
other place rebay shows repair $99

2005 Chevy Avalanche 05 Chevrolet Dashboard Instrument Cluste | eBay

Ok Im heading into town gonna send it off, well I stop by the parts store. Young fellow in there I been dealing with he is good as gold. He just tuned me up a month ago.. I put the cluster on the counter tell me about it.. he sezz there is a guy over at few miles down the road he can do that. he does em every day take it to him get a price. I know of this guy he is yep higher than a kite. Does good work but charges.. ok go over there I know of him he is a VW guy..
30 years ago i got daughter a new VW at 16. LIme green.. here she is late at night some with some boy taking him home.. Brand new subdivision. she drives fast and runs right over a sewer cover sticking up not paved. I mean leveled the bottom air bags shoot off dang near turns it over.
I get a call 1am.. i got about sew the developer to fix it started out with this guy.
I sent my daughter pictures of that wreck last month.
she didn't know i still had them.
Daughter is now a Dr. at Vanderbilt she laughed over that

ANY way the tells me yes I will replace all 6 sensers cost is $150..
Lord me OK DO IT.. he calls me back in 2 hrs David its ready you had about 4 burned up moters batter was ok but replaced anyway. Now that OIL sesor may be ok you may need to replace with Oil sensor.. OK I'm heading that way go in there he puts it on my truck and THEY ALL WORK FINE....

GUYS THANK YOU for all the help in telling me what to do.
I always get LOTS OF HELP on here fixing my stuff.

This and You tube is stronger than a wedding breath
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Thanks for the update.

And I learned something. I didn't know the parts & expertise were so common for repairing these panels. I assumed guys that were doing this in little shops & basements were using junkyard parts.
Very good to know.

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