Changing Trailer Tire Size?


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Changing Trailer Tire Size?

This somewhat relates to my previous thread about trailer tires at highway speeds. I am finally ready to get new trailer tires for this 6x10' enclosed single axle trailer. I will be getting high speed rated radial tires. Routinely the trailer weighs 1'500 but once a year I take a big trip where it will be loaded to 2'200 pounds.

I have the option of getting 205/75R15 load range D which can carry 2'150 pounds which is the same size that's on the trailer now. But, if I go to 225/75R15 I can get load range E with a capacity of 2'830 pounds. Both are capable of carrying the load but is there increased safety if I go with the heavier rated tires?
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No issues with rubbing when the 225 is almost 10% wider than the 205 (and about an inch taller) ?
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The difference I've seen in the duty rating of a tire increasing is that the sidewall seems stiffer, so more weight does not cause the tire to squat as much. That does make a difference in how it handles when steering the vehicle. If even once a year and there's no issue like the rub Vermont mentioned, I would want my tire's rating to exceed the load.
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I have tons of room so going up to 225 will be no problem.

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