'97 Mazda B2300 (Ford Ranger with an identy crisis)


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'97 Mazda B2300 (Ford Ranger with an identy crisis)

So I got my new toy and am cleaning up and fixing the small stuff. Well, this one thing has me kinda stumped. In the front is a heavy rubber flap attached to the radiator support. It angles down about 3" below and behind the bumper so I'm guessing it may be to direct air to the radiator, but it's kind of unsightly, since it's below the suspension, bumper, air dam, etc. It's a little too short to rest up in the bumper/air dam area, which would seem to make sense, as it would sort of make a forward shroud directing all air to the radiator.

I can't see it in any stock pics I've found and am wondering if it's an add-on or part of a towing package (on a little 4 banger? Conflicting info is all I found). I mean, the truck has a receiver hitch (can't tell if it's aftermarket, stickers long weathered off) and it's wired, but it also has a front towbar (It was an RV tow behind for many years).

So anyone with knowledge about, ohhh...94-97 B2300 or Rangers?
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If this comparison means anything, I looked under my 92' Ranger and didn't find this part. I did some research on line. A couple other people mentioned the same or similar part on their vehicle. And like you say, it is believed to direct air flow to the radiator and maybe also protect the trans fluid cooler lines. A few people also said this part was unsightly and said they removed a similar flap on their make/model with no adverse effect. But I couldn't find an actual name for this part.

This is good to know that Mazda B2300 was Ford Ranger/Courier's Japanese cousin. This could mean possible interchangeability of hard to find parts between the two.

Is this the part in question, Vic?
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The plastic in the pic. is factory installed. And yes the Mazda and the Ranger have some parts that interchange but not all.
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Yeah, I could not find any comparable after market part on line.

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