Solar charger


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Solar charger

I have a tractor with a pair of 6 volt batteries strapped to put out 12v. They are in the range of 800 cranking amps. I need to keep the batteries up for using the tractor as needed.

Question is will a 1.8 watt solar charger keep the batteries charged? If not how big would I need?
I know there are variables, but just generally speaking for something used in the midwest.
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Your running the 2) six volt batteries in series.

If there is absolutely no load on the batteries.... a 1.8w charger will work fine.
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I have a electric powered pond boat with a 100 amp deep cycle AGM battery charged by a 5 watt solar panel. The panel produces enough even during winter to keep the battery charged and is no so large that I have to worry about over charging.

In your case a 1.8 watt panel could technically charge or keep your batteries charged but it's going to take a long time. Also consider that because of your latitude, season and clouds you will not get 1.8 watts. I would think a 5 watt panel at the minimum but would go up to a 10 or 20 watt panel to give you some extra power to keep the battery topped off during your dark, cold winter season.
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Thanks a lot Pete. I saw one on Ebay that's sealed off for outdoors. The tractor has no drain on the batteries while sitting.

I'll get that one and thanks for the help!

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