P0455 and p0449 codes


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P0455 and p0449 codes

Hey guys, I have a 2007 Chevy Colorado with a p0449 and a p0455 code. I've changed the purge valve solenoid, the gas cap, and the canister vent valve. I'm still getting the codes. I've done a smoke test and all seems good. I checked the electrical connection and am getting power from the wires. So I'm kind of stumped here. Could a bad fuel tank pressure sensor throw those codes? All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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The P0455 code means large vacuum leak or system not going into vacuum.
The P0449 code is specifically for the vent solenoid in the back of the vehicle over the spare tire.

You said you checked for power on the plug. It should be +/-12vdc. If that voltage is present you will hear the solenoid click when plugged back in.
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Thank you for the reply. If I'm understanding the evap system correctly isn't the canister vent valve solenoid always open and only closes when the pcm requires a test on the evap system? And the purge valve solenoid remains closed and only opens when it's pulling vapors from the canister? So if it's a large leak wouldn't the smoke test show where it's coming from. There is power at each solenoid. This is such a simple evap system but frustrating at the same time.
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Vent valve connector has common broken wires that make contact on and off causing faults to set. I would unplug it and give a tug on each individual wire to see if one is separating. Could be a ecm driver but you said you have power no not likely.

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