Letting truck sit in driveway


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Letting truck sit in driveway

My daughter has not used her truck for awhile. She had to get a new battery even though the one she had was not that old. She now starts it up and lets it run for a bit but has not driven it. Doesn't it need to be driven?
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You may have to consider putting it up on blocks to get the weight off a specific segment of the tires. Starting it periodically may serve to benefit the belts. But there may be other parts that suffer from lack of use.

How long does she intend to let it sit there idle ?
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It's never great for a vehicle to set and it needs more than just starting up every now and then. It should be run up to operating speed for a little bit. That helps clear out a lot of condensation that builds up in the exhaust and engine.

Why isn't she using the truck? even if she has another vehicle it wouldn't' be a bad idea to drive the truck instead once a week.
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A lot depends on how hot she lets the engine get. Just starting it and letting it idle can help keep the battery charged but when the engine is cold water is produced which can cause internal parts of the engine to rust. Normally the vehicle is driven and it gets up to temperature and the moisture is cooked off but repeated short, idling runs can build up more and more water inside the engine.
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For many vehicle components, such as batteries, tires, belts, hoses, etc., time is as much a factor as miles, so they are going to deteriorate whether the vehicles is driven or parked. And there are other factors, such as normal corrosion, particularly between dissimilar metals, so electrical connections, such as ground cables, goes on regardless. So unless there is a plan to put it back into service in the foreseeable future I would encourage her to sell it rather than leaving it parked, because costs will increase as value decreases.
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I haven't figured out the best regimen or formula but supposedly a car battery will last longer in a car that gets little use if a charger is put on every so often but not continuously.

Right now I have such a seldom used car and I give the battery about six hours of medium low (a 6 amp charger) charging almost regularly and weekly.

Leaving the charger on continuously (24/7) I am told will "boil" away the battery fluid which would be difficult or impossible to replenish in a "no=maintenance" battery.
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Having stored many cars for periods of time, if you are looking at anything under a year nothing significant is going to happen short of the battery running dead due to the minute drain of electrical systems/modules.

I would probably throw some fuel preserver in the tank!

If you are looking at a longer period of time then certain "things" could be done.

Newer cars are pretty robust these days!i
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I have a UTV that I store in my garage during the winter. I use a tickle charger with a regulator on it. It stays plugged in 24/7. never had a problem. Same thing with the solar charger during the summer storage at the cabin.
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Thanks to everyone for your quick response. Procrastination is the only reason she has not been using it. Her job was eliminated and she has more or less become a hermit. Not depressed or anything, just glad to be out of the rat race.
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Fuel injected cars can sit longer than older carb cars where the fuel evaporates and gunks up the carb. Just putting a Pontiac G8 I got 4 years ago, back on the road. I probably started it up every 4-6 months and let it run a few minutes to circulate the oil so the seals don't dry out. Been driving it all this week and runs fine even with the 4 year old gas.

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