Heated Seat Wiring Question

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Heated Seat Wiring Question

Hi there,

This issue is in my 2008 Ford F-250, but I think it could relate to most 12v vehicle systems.

Iíve read numerous threads on this over the past few days and now Iíve got my passenger seat out of the truck. Before removing the seat, I tested for power and got full power right to the wiring harnesses under the seats that feed the bottom and lumbar heating elements. From that point I get resistance in both bottom pads and good continuity in the lumbar.

Fast forward to the upholstery being removed far enough for me to see similar burn marks in both bottom heating elements. (Please see attached pics)

In the pics youíll see that the area where the wire is burnt seems to have the wire still, physically, in tact, but burnt nonetheless. My question is, would you recommend splicing some new wire into the burnt area, cut the burnt area out and solder the fresh ends together within the pad, or... ?

Iíve done my fair share of wiring repairs but just havenít come across a burnt area within an in-tact wire before. Iíve got upholstery felt, heat shrink tube and all that fun stuff for reassembly. I forgot to mention that the burnt wire area is right where the heating element transitions from butt warmer to thigh warmer, and I could see this being a common wear area based on people getting in-and-out of the truck on a regular basis.

thanks for reading my post!!
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That's going to be a special wire called nichrome. It's a mixture of different metals so as to have a certain resistance. In your seat application.... the resistance of the wire was carefully chosen for just the right amount of heat. Nichrome wire can't be soldered. It's usually just crimped. Shrink tubing on a heating wire won't help much.

As far as I know...... those pads are not repairable. They just get replaced. If there is a burn issue..... there may be a good chance the thermostat that turns them off is bad. The link is a great video on the subject.


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