AC Repair 2014 GMC 1500 Sierra


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AC Repair 2014 GMC 1500 Sierra

Ok so i have a Freon leak in my truck. Its 2014 GMC sierra 1500. I have located the leak. It is behind the expansion valve going into the cab of the truck. I have evacuated the line and changed the valve but it continues to leak only when the compressor kicks on. Someone told me about an orifice tube???? Is that the same thing as the expansion valve? I was told the reason for the leak could be excess pressure building up because of the clog in the orifice tube. is this so and if so where is the tube located?

Thank you very much
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orfice tube has same basic function as the expansion valve they both drop the pressure going into the evaporator by metering the Freon in the liquid line, but typically you only have one or the other so if you have an expansion valve you most likely do not have an orfice tube from your description it sounds like the evaporator may be leaking.

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