trailer axel with grease joint

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trailer axel with grease joint

Its been 40+ years since I had to adjust the bearings on an automobile by removing the cotter key and tightening the bearing.

Now, I have a horse trailer, 2001 Featherlite, that has axles with grease joints. I noticed one wheel has some movement when force is applied to the tire from side to side. I removed the grease apparatus but could not find a cotter key or a hole for the key to be placed. The front side of the axle is flat and there is a thin piece of metal apparently holding itself in place between the nut and the flattened axle.

How do I tighten the bearing with this type assembly? Thanks.
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Can't say for sure without a picture, but, if you're looking at what I think you're looking at, there is a tang that bends over one side of the nut that you have to bend back straight in order to turn the nut, then, once you have it adjusted, you would bend the tang back over the edge of the nut to lock it in place. And, as you're at it, I would remove the hub, clean out the old grease, and repack it. Those zerks are handy, but if you look inside the hub you'll see a large cavity that just keeps filling with grease and do little to nothing as far a lubricating the bearing,
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Thanks, I will check into that.
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Some hubs have a metal clip that snaps over/around the nut. You pull the whole clip off without bending any tabs.
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Wheel bearings become loose because of wear.
You can tighten the nut to take up the slack but if there is play the nut was not meant as an adjustment tool.
You need to remove, clean and repack bearings as said.
There will be no / minimal grease in and near the bearing and if you tighten nut only the bearing will soon fail.

Hubs with grease fittings are not meant as a replacement for repacking if loose.
Grease fittings are the most helpful in boat trailer hubs to keep the space full of grease to prevent water from entering hub.

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