AC Failed & fans run constantly .. how to shut them off

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AC Failed & fans run constantly .. how to shut them off

2012 Ford Escape ... blower heater dial failed, only worked on two high settings, then the AC no longer blows cold air. The fans top of rad run on high constantly ... from what I understand Ford is installing/aware of faulty AC receiver/dryer part that is bursting?? blowing debris into the system and fouling it. Anyhow, I am going to replace the blower resistor and get my vehicle fan running properly but ... I don't think I even want to mess with the AC .. I don't really use it enough to justify spending the money .. right now.

Anyhow, does anyone know how I can get the fans to stop running? They are apparently running because of a high pressure problem due to debris blockage.

The fans are ridiculously loud, I just want to do away with the AC but make sure whatever I do does not affect /cause a problem elsewhere.

thanks for any feedback
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might try unplugging a/c compressor since it will be trying to run anytime your using a/c or defrost witch will cause the pressure to increase calling for the fans to run pressure usually equalizes once the compressor is off but could take some time if there is a blockage.
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If it's not blowing cold...... doubtful the compressor is running. You can't just disconnect electric fans if thats all your vehicle has. The fans are typically computer controlled and are also used to cool the radiator and engine.

If the system is powering the compressor..... and telling the fans to run.... unplugging the compressor won't really help. You can try unplugging the cycling switch which may or may not help your problem. It can't hurt to disconnect it. The switch is shown in the video below. There is also an A/C relay in the fusebox under the hood you could remove.

If it's the climate control causing the problem...... you may need a mechanic to disconnect it.

A/C video
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When I turn on the vehicle, within a couple seconds the fans start. When I turn on the AC, the fan blows cold air but I also hear the AC compressor I believe it is ... whatever is starting up shuts off when I turn off AC, comes on when I turn on AC so .... I would assume it is the compressor.

The problem according to Ford is ..defective accumulator/receiver drier that is releasing fine particles into the system and plugging up the expansion valve ....

but for now ... I would like to not have the fans running so high till I decide what I want to do with it.

I will try the suggestions and see what happens ... tks
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Hi, what am I missing? if the fans only run when the AC switch is ON, why not leave OFF? are these fans also used to cool the rad?

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